~ Trump Stomps Biden in Dueling Town Halls

Wednesday, October 15, 2020

(I could have deleted this old blog post, but I want to keep it for posterity).
The NBC “Town Hall” with President Trump and Savannah Guthrie was excellent. I thought she was a little contentious, but it all played out well, and I thought Trump handled the whole thing beautifully.

There were a couple of rough moments where I thought Trump might come unhinged again, but he regained his equilibrium, and he came out of this looking great.

I thought the setting was outstanding. The outdoor set was totally beautiful. And the people in attendance were so well spoken and the questions were relevant and important.  Miami is such a beautiful place. I lived in the area for 8 years.

Meanwhile, the sideshow  over at ABC with George Stephanopoulos was a joke. Just more pre-arranged questions with about 13 people in attendance and a rather depressing set/environment. 

I guess with all of their preparations for the horrible pandemic, somehow they forgot to ask Sleep Joe about Hunter and the emails, and the money, and the lewd videos.

Trump will win this election and in so doing there will be an incredible shake-up in the American political system, particularly the Democratic party.

And the news media will also undergo a major shake-up because of the public backlash, and from feedback from honest members of the media who are tired of being sheep to wealthy left-wing democratic media moguls.

*ADDENDUM ~ As it turned out, Trump DID win a second term handily, but in the worst incident of scandal and corruption ever in American politics the election was stolen by election fraud, and the losing candidate was pronounced the winner. And the results have been disastrous for America.

Malcolm Hathorne,
Gualaquiza, Ecuador