"Malcolm Hathorne puts the same energy and intensity into his writing that he puts into his TV program. If you've ever seen his show then you know what to expect! 'UFOs & The Government Coverup' is a hard-hitting, no-punches-pulled, quest for the truth."
Lloyd Pye
Author -
"People are still talking about you here... We will get you back on."
Steve Mason
Radio Host - WNEW, New York
"Malcolm Hathorne forcibly brings home the full impact of the UFO phenomenon. This is a book that should be in the library of anyone concerned about the deepest, darkest, official coverup in U.S. history.
Jim Marrs
Newspaper Editor/Author
"Thank you again for appearing on The Frank Foster Show this past Friday. The topic was fascinating and your knowledge is encyclopedic.”
Frank Foster
Radio Host - WWBA - Tampa Bay
"'UFOs & The Government Coverup' is a masterfully compiled almanac of crucial and historical UFO information.”
Constance Clear
Radio Host - Author. -San Antonio, TX
“I was very impressed, especially with the layout and formatting. You give this topic the respect it deserves. Because of its broad historical content, I think this book should be made available to schools and libraries. You could sell many thousands of copies this way.”
Michael Lindemann
Author, Editor CNI News

“UFOs & The Government Coverup” is the first book I ever wrote and published. I wrote this book during the years that I hosted & produced the public access TV show, “UFOs & Metaphysics.” The book was completed in 1999 and was first available only as a large, 8 1/2″ x 11″ softcover, print book.
“UFOs & The Government Coverup” received excellent reviews from some of the top authorities in the field of UFO & Alien research. (Read some of the reviews below).
Now this classic in UFO investigations is available for the first time as an E-book, in beautiful, color, pdf format. This book is an excellent historical reference and chronicles how the US military and “secret government” initiated the coverup of the UFO phenomenon. 
324 pages, 310 endnotes, full glossary. Original Graphics.
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