My Take on First Trump-Biden Debate

September 29, 2020

 Well I have got to give my honest opinion as a journalist, regarding last night’s first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden.

As I suspected, Sleepy Joe did a lot better than everyone thought he’d do, including myself.

And I thought Trump had a miserable performance, all in all.

Trump was totally, overly aggressive. I mean to his own detriment.

He also acted defensive at times, which was the worst thing he could have done.

But I think the dumbest mistake Trump made was his appearance.

I hate to say it but this incredible genius has been really foolish in regards to taking care of himself. Some of those camera angles exposed President Trump’s enormous girth. He has got to weigh at least 350 lb at this point. And his face looked really bad in the close-ups, or the “two-shot.” His face has gotten very fatty and jowly.

Honest to god, somebody needs to get to the president and tell him to wake up about his diet!

Just some simple adjustments to his diet, and then put the man on a treadmill and a consistent workout program.This should have started months or years ago!

Also I thought Trump’s choice of ties was ridiculous. It’s like he threw that thing on at the last minute. it may seem like a small thing but those colors were really off. Trump looks great with nice blue or red ties. He shouldn’t even wear anything else!

Truth be told, from a strictly visual perspective, Joe Biden looked far healthier and better than Trump.

Other than some of these obvious criticisms, there’s no comparison between the two candidates.

I will also say that I think it’s probably true that Joe Biden is taking Adderall sometimes, or something of that nature. But I don’t think anybody can prove that, and it wouldn’t be against any rules anyway, as far as I know. 

But perhaps there really should be drug tests and the like in future debates.  The people really should know the full truth about these candidates.

But it is truly amazing that with all of these revelations about Biden’s business dealings overseas, and the corruption of his son, that the mainstream press has not seized on this and truly made it the big issue that it is. 

Instead, Biden has been allowed to skate, and this is the real story of the 2020 elections.

 Trump isn’t just running against Sleepy Joe, he’s running against the crooked and corrupt mainstream news media.

And now we have the Durham report, and the Senate report on the dealings of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden relative to the Ukraine and Russia.

And these are not just speculations. There are clear records showing the truth.

These matters need to be taken before the US Congress and the American people.

And there should not be any delay, weather for the election or for any other reason.

Justice delayed is Justice denied.

And in this case the possible result, or cost, could be the election itself.

Incidentally, I thought Trump left so many points out on the field, to use a football analogy. He should have let Sleepy Joe ramble on, and Trump should have been patient. But he kept interrupting him unnecessarily and it looked like he was afraid to let him talk. Bad strategy.

I thought that was the worst performance I think I’ve ever seen Trump give on stage during any kind of event or press conference or anything.

Yes I thought Chris Wallace gave Biden way too many outs, but all in all I think Chris did a pretty good job. It was sad to see him have to reprimand Trump a few times for just not shutting the heck up.

Trump really acted like a child sometimes, and that was difficult to watch.

Truth be told, Trump has been so mistreated in these elections by the mainstream media that it’s hard to believe he’s held up this long!

I mean they give Joe Biden a 100%, complete free pass on everything.

and on the other hand they attack Trump mercilessly on anything and everything, and they never give him credit for the great things he accomplishes.

So that is really perhaps the biggest story of these elections. It’s how money and influence and power can fight against the people themselves.

And through it all, it highlights the crucial importance of winning this election — for the American people and for the US Constitution, and for the future of America and the world.

I think Trump will do a lot better in the remaining two debates.

This election could be tighter than I thought unless more revelations keep coming out about Joe & Hunter Biden, and also the FBI fiasco, and the Durham report, and the upcoming indictments.

If these things happen as planned, then there will indeed be a Trump landslide.

If I were judging this debate I would give a slight edge to Joe Biden for this one. He did a lot better than people thought. This was a very big moral victory for Biden and the democrats.

 – Malcolm Hathorne