~ Interview With Bob Bigelow About UFOs, Aliens, & Proving the Existence of an Afterlife

Bob Bigelow


January 26, 2021

I listened to the interview with Bob Bigelow last night which was conducted by the great George Knapp on Coast to Coast AM. This was really an interesting look into some areas of Bigelow’s life that I was not aware of.

The interview was labeled as being about Bigelow’s efforts to prove the existence of an afterlife. But what was far more interesting was the introduction in the first hour when Mr. Bigelow talked about the close encounters with UFOs that his grandfather and father had when Bigelow was a boy.

Bob Bigelow was about 9 or 10 years old when he heard about his grandfather and grandmother’s encounter with a large disc shaped UFO that engulfed their automobile. This incident changed his grandfather’s life big time, and he would never talk about the experience.

But it was learned that they’d indeed had missing time, of course. It was suggested that the grandfather remembered encounters with the aliens. But as I said, he would never talk about this to anyone much.

And to add more intrigue to the story, Bob Bigelow related that when he was a boy he’d had a series of dreams that were all the same. It always involved Bigelow dreaming he was laying in his bed and there were three small, robed beings standing near his bed. He couldn’t make out any features because of the robes, but the dreams were always the same.

he didn’t remember anything more than that but it appears to be a memory that his subconscious is trying to bring forth. I don’t think Bob Bigelow has ever had hypnotic regression otherwise I’m sure he would remember a lot of amazing details about what appear to be obvious alien abduction events in his own life.

And I believe Bigelow said that his mother and father had had close encounters of their own.

So this all indicates very obvious and undeniable alien abduction scenarios involving the entire Bigelow family. And it certainly explains a lot of the reason that Bob Bigelow has put so much time and money and energy into investigating the UFO phenomenon as well as other paranormal subjects.

I have to say however that the second part of the interview wasn’t so interesting. This is where Bob Bigelow tried to talk about his investigations into proving the existence of an afterlife. I’ll have to listen to the interview again, but I didn’t hear anything in there that was particularly exciting.

I will learn more when I study the interview again but one thing that intrigues me is that he and George Knapp were discussing the idea that the two concepts coincide. In other words, how the afterlife or reincarnation perhaps somehow involve the aliens, and vice versa.

This is a concept that was brought up by the great Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack. He had said something about the fact that the aliens can actually involve themselves with our reincarnation. Or the idea that alien abductions can run throughout people’s past lives, or something of that nature.

But I think Bob Bigelow might have been speaking in a different vein, or train of thought on the subject.

But the main thrust of the interview was about Bigelow employing scientists to find proof and verification of an afterlife. This was covered fairly well by Leslie Keane in her recent book and was also covered in a recent Netflix documentary, although the Netflix documentary was very superficial and contained a lot of extraneous and doubtful material which sort of clouded the veracity of this powerful subject.

I do believe a very strong investigation is an excellent idea in regards to proving the existence of an afterlife of some kind.

So I have to commend Bob Bigelow for putting so much money into such very important topics as UFOs and life after death.

I just think the topic of UFOs and aliens overwhelms everything else! because the aliens are so incredibly advanced and intelligent you just know they know the answers completely to life after death and everything else! If we can connect with them and make open contact they can explain it all.

I have a great deal of admiration for Bob Bigelow. He comes across as a very good human being. And because of those very powerful UFO experiences, I’m going to pay a lot more attention to any work he does from here on out.

By the way it was another great interview by George Knapp. He really gets the most out of his guests and lets them feel comfortable and gets them talking.

– Malcolm Hathorne,