~ Former OSI Agent Richard Doty Describes the Roswell Crash

Richard Doty, the well known former OSI agent who spoke with Linda Moulton Howe many years ago, has been a frequent guest this season on Cosmic Disclosure, now that Emery Smith is the host.
I have found some of Doty’s interviews quite compelling, while some others have been not quite as good. But I found the info he shared in this episode on the Roswell Crash to be quite interesting indeed.

Doty stated that the crash resulted from the collision of two UFOs with one another during a severe thunderstorm. He said one of the craft stuck in the ground fully intact, but the inhabitants were killed because their onboard gravity system had failed due to the collision or effects of the thunderstorm. This onboard gravity system made them immune to the G-Forces of man made propulsion systems.
Another thing Richard Doty said was there were two crash sites. One was located right away, but the other was not discovered until ten days later (the one that was intact).

One of things Doty said that truly intrigued me was the fact that one of the Aliens was captured and remained with the military as a “guest” for many years. Doty seems to have direct knowledge of this. They called this Alien “Eba,” I believe. But what caught my interest was Doty said the Alien ate nothing except some food pellets that were carried onboard the UFO. While he was captive the food pellets eventually ran out, so it was gradually discovered that Eba could survive on some of our Fruits and some vegetables!
As a Raw Vegan Fruitarian I find that very rational and logical.
Also, Doty said the Alien’s inner organs had evolved and become simplified. For instance, the heart and lungs were now one large organ.
Doty said the Aliens did have something of a “Bathroom” onboard the craft but it simply was comprised of sort of a “sheet” that was pulled up around the Aliens’ bodies and they would relive themselves via this means. The waste was somehow recycled.
This is the first reliable information I have seen regarding food intake by the Aliens.
However I did read that one Hybrid Alien (in the book “Rachel’s Eyes”) would eat only a special, Green Pudding or concoction that was prepared and left for her at her residence. This was also supposedly comprised of only vegetable matter or some other plant-based ingredients.